Eloquent Praise Dance Company compete in many dance competitions throughout the year in various disciplines such as Freestyle, Lyrical and Hip Hop.

Eloquent's most recent international competitive endeavor involved taking 50 dancers to Barcelona to compete where we were crowned BRONZE MEDALLIST- TOP 3 IN THE WORLD!


Eloquent are proud members of the Association of Dance Freestyle Professionals… this body supports the competitive aspects of freestyle dance that we teach. We are also members of SDI, UDO & BDO which are all streetdance organisations who host the competitive streetdance events that we often enter.


ADFP competitions take place in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Norway and even South Africa….. Dancers can compete in a range of competitions…. some are fun and friendly right through to very challenging championship competitions. From the Age of 4 dancers can strut their stuff on the dance floor to the latest music in wonderful costumes with a chance to win amazing trophies, sashes and other prizes.


All the Competitions we participate in are a great way for dancers to build their confidence skills , grow as a team , build resilience whilst gaining prizes and recognition for all their hard work during dance classes.


Eloquent enjoy competing in a variety of competitions throughout the year , watching dancers grow from each experience and using it to better their training.

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