About Us

Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company are a Multi Award-winning 

community organisation for young people. 


Eloquent provides dance tuition to young people aged 4 - Adult as well as drama, gymnastics and voluntary mentoring services through eloquent empowerment.

Eloquent provides many opportunities for the upcoming generation ranging from international dance competitions, dance qualifications, and professional work.

Our mission is to inspire the next generation through the creative arts whilst training them to become the best possible versions of themselves. We aim to raise up an army of future praise dancers, dance teachers, leaders, mentors, and professional spirit-led performers.

Eloquent are committed to nurturing our youth resulting in increased character development and allowing them to walk in their purpose


Eloquent continually strive to provide a wide variety of opportunities for their students to ensure they are always continually growing and gaining new experiences.

from INTERNATIONAL competitions to dance examinations, church performances, theatre shows, PROFESSIONAL WORK and yearly recitals.

Students are constantly working towards new things and bettering themselves in all aspects.


Alongside that, Eloquent also offer voluntary mentoring services (Eloquent Empowerment) to their students to assist them with:

·         Increasing self-confidence & self-esteem

·         Building healthy relationships

·         Tackling social issues

and many more.

Eloquent empowerment also hosts many youth events for young people to assist them with character building and walking in purpose. 




Eloquent Praise and Empowerment Dance Company

Est. 2016